Wren Investment Group, LLC (California Team):

Phil-ChampagnePhil Champagne, Managing Director, Wren Investment Group, LLC.

Phil has 10 years of experience in commercial & single family investment. Phil graduated from Electrical Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. His career lead him to Santa Barbara, California. In 2002, his CPA advised him to read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” from Robert  Kiyosaki, this greatly opened his eyes and started the real estate investment as well as a frenzy of book reading on the finance. His knowledge of Austrian School of Economics enables his partners to navigate the real estate markets with a sound money perspective. Phil is also instrumental in the formulation of acquisition strategies. Phil is the author of The Book Of Satoshi and Hammock Income.




photoMarieMarie Gagnon, Asset Manager, Wren Investment Group, LLC

Marie’s extensive experience in operational improvement enables her to excel in her principal asset management role which is central to the performance of each asset from the first phase of the acquisition process through its ultimate sale. Marie is also a graduate of the University of Sherbrooke in the field of Geography. She has a very artistic mind  has a passion towards Health and she is a member of the Weston A Price Foundation.






Pacific Northwest:

Southwest Montana Properties, LLC



Chad Laird

Managing Director






Brad Osen Brad Osen - 300x366

Acquisitions Manager






What we look for when we assemble a team in each of the areas we invest in are

  • people with high integrity,
  • have intimate knowledge of their local market and its laws relevant to their profession.
  • have our interests dear to them.

We cultivate these relationships by compensating them rapidly, appropriately and referring them more business whenever we can.

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