We give presentation to groups and select individuals about the benefits of real estate and our perspective on macroeconomics, short and long term cycles. Contact us for inquiries. But here is a highlight of the benefits of investing in real estate with Wren Investment Group:

  • Cash flow
  • Easier to plan for retirement. (You can speculate that the mortgage is practically non-existent in 20 years – being paid down and devalued (higher income))
  • Equity build-up:
    • Mortgage paid down by rental income.
    • Value of asset rising with rising rental income over time.
  • Favorable tax treatment:
    • Depreciation: investor usually pays no or little income tax on cash flow in the first few years- depending on depreciation expenditures.
    • 1031 exchange allows for selling one property to buy another, often larger property, while deferring capital gain taxes.
  • All at the same time providing quality housing to the community.

With a current focus on larger apartment complex:

  • More recession resilient. (People downsize during tougher economic times)
  • Economy of scale (more units concentrated together saves on time and money)
  • Less competition
  • Wren Investment Group looks for value plays: acquiring properties that have an opportunity to raise their value by increasing revenue and decreasing expenses.
  • Asset management: Wren Investment Group overviews the management of the portfolio as well as handling the exit from specific assets. Opportunities often exist to re-invest proceeds in following properties, with a preferential position always given to existing partners.

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