Phil Champagne to speak at the Bitcoin Conference in Raleigh on August 15th 2014

    On August 15th, 2014, Phil Champagne is schedule to speak...

10th Aug

What is a preferred return?

In some investments, an investor may be offered a preferred return in...

22nd Jul

401k versus real estate…

By Phil Champagne, Managing partner at Wren Investment Group, LLC One argument...

03rd Jun

Apartment complex site staffing

By Phil Champagne, Managing Partner at Wren Investment Group When we do...

19th Aug

Inflation is a tax on capital

Imagine that once a month, an IRS agent would knock on your...

03rd Aug

Sec Rules on private investment changes from the JOBS program still debated

A few months ago, we wrote the following article below. It was...

28th Jul

A conversation with Chad Laird of Southwest Montana Properties

Chad Laird, Managing Partner of Southwest Montana Properties was in Raleigh in...

18th Jul

David Stockman – If the Fed doesn’t keep printing, it’s game over

There is this famous phrase: Death smiles at us all. All a...

16th Jul

Yields and capital gain explained

Battle of the yields by Phil Champagne of Wren Investment Group, LLC...

23rd Jun

Are you a capitalist pig?

I started reading this book and found this quiz at the beginning...

24th Apr