Dear Janet Yellen: Check mate

At its core, the only tool central planners have is the “printing...

17th Sep

Interesting long term chart of sovereign debt interest rate….

We have currently the lowest interest rate ….. ever recorded in history....

30th Jan

Coming soon: How to read a real estate offering

We are working on a document we will publish to help anyone...

21st Sep
Analyzing Financial Data

Bitcoin is getting more and more credibility

So we just heard from the Federal Reserve that there is another...

20th Jun

SWMP, LLC – A Wren Investment Group LLC affiliate- Closes 90-Unit Apartment Community in Burkburnett, Texas

    Southwest Montana Properties, LLC Closes 90-Unit Apartment Community in Burkburnett,...

04th May

Taper it is… but for how long before they increase it again?

Well it seems the decision was to taper… a bit and a...

29th Jan

Rent control, a nightmare to avoid

With the prospect of higher price inflation coming, I’d like to bring...

10th Sep

What happens to real estate if they taper?

Wondering if the Fed will taper? The economy is so artificially supported...

28th Aug

What is a preferred return?

In some investments, an investor may be offered a preferred return in...

22nd Jul

Bernanke was just kidding

Last week, Bernanke didn’t like what was going on with the 10...

15th Jul