Phil Champagne to speak at the Bitcoin Conference in Raleigh on August 15th 2014

On August 10, 2014 by Phil Champagne



On August 15th, 2014, Phil Champagne is schedule to speak at Bitcoin conference in Raleigh, NC (See



The topic will be technical in nature and will cover how extra information could be stored and authenticated securely using Bitcoin’s network. This could then be used for storing public documents or contracts or perhaps how election (corporate or government) could be performed in a very open manner without the requirement for the validation and verification by a single central authority. Bitcoin’s block chain is currently used to verify transactions without the need for a central organization, and the same could be done for other purpose. However, the Bitcoin community is very conservative and as such, extending this ability to include new features are unlikely unless added in a separate “side chain” network. Such “side chain” would be isolated from the main Bitcoin block chain. The topic will cover such side chain could be implemented now without any requirements to modify the existing Bitcoin protocol.

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