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    Wren Investment Group, LLC specializes in multifamily real estate investment in emerging markets across the USA. Our investments are bringing above return on investment through the cultivation of stable growing cash flow with a target of harvesting a long term appreciation.

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    Did you know you can use your 401K and IRA to invest in real estate?

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    Why is real estate the best wealth builder that can work for you?

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Multifamily properties and Economy of Scale

Discussion of economies of scale usually focuses on large scale manufacturing, such...

18th Mar

President Trump next, now what?

We know that if Clinton had been next President, corruption, spending, and...

12th Nov

Dear Janet Yellen: Check mate

At its core, the only tool central planners have is the “printing...

17th Sep

Park your wealth in real money

We have been asked if there are new properties coming in our...

24th Apr
Park your wealth in real money

Is COMEX a giant Bitcoin’s Mt. Gox?

The general public including many television announcers have made some comments about...

29th Nov

China Syndrome

  Jim Rogers has said that just as the 19th Century was...

12th Sep

New book from Phil Champagne just published

Hammock Income has just been released for sale on Amazon with a...

12th Apr

Interesting long term chart of sovereign debt interest rate….

We have currently the lowest interest rate ….. ever recorded in history....

30th Jan

Southwest Montana Properties, LLC Closes 80-Unit Apartment Community in River Oaks, Texas

  Southwest Montana Properties, LLC Closes 80-Unit Apartment Community in River Oaks,...

28th Nov

Coming soon: How to read a real estate offering

We are working on a document we will publish to help anyone...

21st Sep
Analyzing Financial Data